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Planet Eclipse 180R - Matte Pearlescent

Planet Eclipse 180R - Matte Pearlescent

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Our proprietary pearlescent anodizing on the all new Planet Eclipse 180R. This marker features a matte finish with the pearl color shifting effect giving you different levels of purples, blues, teals, golds and greens based on the angle that you look at it.

The Planet Eclipse 180R is the latest generation of higher-end markers and boasts several improvements over the 170R. Designed to fill the gap between the 170R and the CS3, the 180R is a medium-high tier paintball marker with a matching price point. Notable improvements include a high-efficiency bolt, improved ergonomics, and better firing capabilities.

This marker is brand new and freshly anodized with our Pearlescent color shifting colorway. 

180R New Features

  • OP-R Core Drivetrain
  • Double Decoupled Spool Valve Operation
  • Quick-Release Bolt Mechanism
  • Quick Strip Grips
  • Toolless Foregrip
  • Hoseless air Transfer System
  • 120PSI Operating Pressure
  • Cure FT Bolt
  • Microswitch Trigger Operation
  • Blade Trigger Shoe (Removable)
  • 4-Point Trigger Adjustability
  • Twin Micro Ball-Raced Trigger Pivot
  • Light Pipe Break Beam Breech Sensor System
  • Toolless Breech Sensor and Detent Access
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium Construction
  • 3D Machined Body Components
  • SL6 Inline Regulator
  • S63 14.5" Three-Piece Barrel w/0.689



  • Planet Eclipse 180R Marker
  • S63 2 piece barrel
  • .689 PWR Insert
  • Spare parts kit
  • Hard-shell case
  • Allen key set
  • Manual
  • Lube
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