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What is ARC Direct?

For years ARC Anodizing has been producing fully custom anodizing jobs on projects for customers. We often get asked if these finished projects are for sale and since it has always been customer owned projects the answer has always been "no".

ARC Direct is our avenue to work directly with manufacturers across multiple industries to bring you fully custom, brand new items, at a price point much cheaper than you would be able to find anywhere else. Instead of having to buy your own products and send them in for customization, we are offering the same great products already customized and ready to ship. Each item on ARC Direct is a physical item and ready to ship. No more waiting weeks or months for a preorder or for sent in work to be turned around.

Don't know exactly what you want but know you want something nobody else has? ARC Direct lets you browse custom 1 of 1 products so you don't have to imagine what it will look like when it's finished. We have also compiled over 10 years worth of ARC Anodizing work into filterable galleries for you to gather inspiration. Search by paintball marker type to see work done on similar markers as your own. Know you like a certain color but don't know what you want? You can also filter our galleries by colors and different types of anodizing techniques such as fade, splatters, etc. Whether you use ARC Anodizing or not we wanted to provide you with tools to help you visualize endless customization options. 

What is Anodizing?

Anodizing is a corrosion and scratch resistant treatment for aluminum that can be customized with different colors, patterns, images, etc.

Unlike coatings such as paint, powder coat, and cerakote, anodizing is bonded to the aluminum through a specific chemical reaction so it will never peel, flake, or rub off.

What can be anodized?

Anodizing can be done to anything aluminum or titanium. However, the processes for each material are very different. The colors and effects possible are also different.

At ARC Anodizing we specialize in aluminum graphic anodizing.

6061 aircraft grade aluminum is your typical gold standard aluminum alloy blend. Aluminum also comes in other 6000 series alloys as well as 7000 series and 2000 series, all of which can be anodized. For a seamless anodizing job, it is much easier to have all matching aluminum alloy since each alloy blend colors differently.

Cast aluminum can also be anodized however the grain structure of the aluminum can be very unpredictable after the forging process and these defects can appear in the final product even with the best surface preparation. Therefore, we highly recommend that anything you anodize be of high grade billet machined aluminum.

What is the lasering service?

With our brand ARC Anodizing, we try to add more and more value to our customers.

We have acquired several CO2 lasering machines to use in conjunction with our anodizing line to offer more customization options. Our lasers have large work areas to accommodate big parts as well as rotary mounts for round objects.

In the past if you wanted a simple white logo or markings added to your product you would need to have it completely re-anodized and the markings put into anodizing. Now we can either take you currently anodized products and add the appropriate marking, saving you money. Or add lasering along with our custom anodizing service.

How long does it take?

If you are purchasing an ARC Direct product your item is ready to ship and will be processed immediately.

For anodizing or lasering services our turn around times vary based on current work volume and difficulty of the job. You can expect at least a couple weeks for your items to be inventoried, prepped, colored and cleaned. When receiving a quote we will let you know our current wait times.

How do I get a quote?

To receive a quote for either our anodizing or lasering services simply send us a message on the Arc Anodizing facebook page or arc_anodizing instagram page.

Our social pages are the best place to reach us and communicate as we can send reference photos back and forth faster and easier.

Alternatively you can email us at:

Please include what items you would like customized as well as how you would like them colored.

What forms do I need to send in?

During the quoting process we will provide you with a simple form that you can print out and include with your project when mailing it in. 

The form has basic information like your name,  part count, a brief description of the anodizing job requested, and what state the project is being mailed back to in order to estimate shipping charges. 

We do not save any of this information, it is shredded when your project is completed and mailed back to you. It is simply for us to keep a physical record with your parts as it is inventoried and moves into different stages of the customization process.

Where are you located?

We are proudly based just outside of Fort Worth Texas, USA. We offer international shipping to customers world wide.

Do you warranty your work?

At ARC Anodizing we stand apart from many of our competitors in that we offer lifetime warranties on the quality of our Anodizing Jobs. We Guarantee the work to not excessively fade over time or the color to leach out. 

The Anodizing process provides a very strong corrosion and scratch resistant layer that is bonded to the aluminum surface. If you are able to scratch the part deep enough to remove a significant layer of the aluminum then the anodizing will come with it and we can not warranty this. However, we guarantee the anodizing to not wear excessively fast from normal use. 

We also have amazed industry leading Anodizing dyes and products that we have sourced over 10 years in the business. Cut-rate dyes can fade from UV light very quickly, especially if the anodizing layer is not done properly. If a part is left outside for years you will likely notice some UV fading like anything left to the elements but we also guarantee our work to not fade excessively quick.